Energy Audit Procedure

What is the EAP?

EAP is a tool for decision support that allows you to put your priorities in improving energy efficiency of your home, depending on your needs and your budget.

  • The audit is punctuated by two appointments:
    1 / inquiry, documents, any statement ;
    2 / reset the file ;
    each of which can last from 1 to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the case and your specific requirements.
  • PAE is an initiative of Wallonia which grants a bonus to applicants.
  • The audit also provides access to a wider range of both regional and provincial incentives for improving the energy efficiency of your home (see links at the top of the page for premiums).

EAP audit consists of two paper documents:

A very well done brochure theoretical and presented. We learn how to better understand the audit, and the actual methods and detailed energy improvements from its housing.

The audit, an inventory of all walls, doors, windows, floors, roofs, boilers, heat pumps, thermal or photovoltaic panels, breakdowns ... that make up your home, as well as their number, composition, surface and materials.
With costed proposals for improvements (price and return time).
More clear links to the theoretical ideal brochure enable understanding of the proposals.


Between € 900.00 and € 1,200.00 incl vat depending on the complexity of the house (do not hesitate to contact me for a personalized offer).
Of this price, you must deduct the regional bonus (€ 150.00 to €900.00), some cities grant an additional amount (as Genappe, 200.00 €).

nb: audit EAP is feasible for other types of buildings, apartments, group homes, apartment buildings, ... and other bonuses are available (please contact me for a customized quote).


PEB certificate

What is a PEB certificate ?

It is a document certifying the energetic qualities of a good. It is mandatory when selling or renting a building. The goal is to allow prospective buyers to compare the energy point of view the property considered.

  • The customer should prepare the set of acceptable evidence (plans, the specifications, bills of sites) in order to optimize his property.
  • At worst destructive testing may be requested by the client in order to optimize his property.
  • A certificate is issued automatically with an audit EAP type 1.


Between 150.00€ et 350.00€ incl vat depending on the complexity of the house (do not hesitate to contact me for a personalized offer).