ArToKi addons (Architectural ToolKit)

ArToKi is a suite of addons for the free Blender 3d software. These addons are intended to facilitate the work of architects, planners and energy professinnals by providing simple tools for modelling and study architectural structures .

They are free under GPL license and are furnished without any warranty.

ArToKi - House

The purpose of this primitive is to create a low-poly object "House", editable in both its dimensions and in its advanced settings:

  • number of floors.
  • flat or pitched roof .
  • height of floors, thick slabs.
Moreover, it is possible to modify the object afterwards through "House Tools".

Here is a demonstration of the use of the primitive House (no sound):

ArToKi - House Tools - City Maker

The purpose of these tools is to modify houses already created, or change it by injecting new settings, or modifying existing settings.

City Maker allows to create a large number of houses from a Path tool created with the Blender's grease tool.

Here is a demonstration of (with a nice music, this time):

Download ArToKi - House:

ArToKi - Energy - 2021

The purpose of these tools is to study the dimensions and materials forming the shell of a building heated . They are intended initially to an audience of professionnals of building thermic studies.

Another use of this tool is to make quantity surveys before buy construction materials.


1. List of areas by material (as in the pdf)

2. in developpement: ArToKi Energy Deperdition, a tool to evaluate energetic deperdition of multi-layered walls, floors, roofs.

Download ArToKi - Energy:

Exemple of pdf export:

ArToKi - Energy Blender 2.9: